Copy OS - A complete system to write high converting copy (Like a Pro!)

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Write high converting copy like a Pro!

Do you know there are frameworks for writing copy?

And once you know them, you can just plug them in wherever you need -

  • Landing pages
  • Sales page
  • Newsletters
  • Sales Emails
  • Tweets!

Now, you don't have to struggle every time you sit down to write copy for a landing page.

You can just pick a framework you want to use, look at an example and customize it according to your niche and audience.

It's that simple.

That's how professional copywriters do it 🤷

Once you understand the basic fundamentals of copywriting and have a swipe file of examples to look up, you can never go wrong with your copywriting task.

You get the power of writing high-converting copy effortlessly.

So what are you waiting for?

Just enter your preferred price, click the "I want this" button, and get Copy OS.

📚What you get -

  • 🗒️ A Notion dashboard that you can duplicate and reuse
  • 📗 Copywriting Basics Guide
  • 📔 Copywriting Frameworks Guide (With Examples)
  • 💪 Copywriting Exercises

💎 Bonuses -

  • 📂 25 Copywriting Examples Swipe File
  • 🔨 5 powerful tactics you can't miss
  • 📙 Headlines Guide (5 Thumb Rules of Headline Writing)
  • 👤 User Persona Guide, Example, and Template
  • 🏆 “Features to Benefits” Guide and Template
  • 📒 Copywriting Frameworks Template
  • ☸️ The Copywriting Process (Step by Step guide to writing copy)

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After the seats run out at a price point, you can only get the Copy OS at the next tier.


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Copy OS - A complete system to write high converting copy (Like a Pro!)

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