Make money with words: Find your voice and monetize your writing ✍️💸

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Become a 10X Writer in 1 Day.

Writing is the most impactful skill on the internet.

This course is the definitive guide to writing online in 2023.

It contains the exact frameworks and techniques to propel your career and help you build a writing-based business.

"..the most power-packed writing course on the internet..."

"...totally a steal..."

"...worth every penny, best course on writing..."

" will make you a better writer, communicator, thinker..."

What you Get:

📗 104 pages of no-fluff actionable content.

📽️ 7 Hours of high-quality video lessons

📑 166 slides and notes to go with the videos

⛏️ 29 Exercises to apply all the knowledge you will gain

Love for course 🥰🥰🥰

What you Learn:

🗣️ How to find your unique writing voice.

📚 General Writing principles around Storytelling and Copywriting

⚒️ Writing tactics around different forms of writing (Twitter threads, blog posts, landing pages, and more...)

💸 Various Monetization Strategies, how to get high-paying writing gigs. (Copywriting, Ghostwriting, e-books, courses, newsletters, and more...)

Who am I?

Hey, I am Ayush 👋

I'm a writer, copywriter, and ghostwriter for busy professionals.

Writing is the most impactful skill on the internet today.

Over the last 1 year, I've managed to master this skill and build a 5 figure business out of it.

I've helped hundreds of people improve their writing, build an online presence and offer high ticket services and products.

I know there are many people who love to write, they want to do it for a living.

So they start a blog or a social media account, write for a few weeks, and then give up.

They don't get any traction, their writing doesn't get any attention, and ultimately their dream of making money from their writing dies a sad death.

I know this because I was 1 of them!

But then in early 2021, something changed.

I started to study the masters - The best writers who were making a killing by writing online.

And I started to apply their strategies to my own craft.

Then I created my own frameworks and strategies, applied them to build an audience (3400+ followers on Twitter, 2500+ newsletter subscribers), and started getting high-paying clients.

I've monetized my writing via every imaginable channel there is:

  • SaaS copywriting.
  • Content writing.
  • Paid Newsletters.
  • E-books.
  • And even ghostwriting for busy CEOs and domain experts.

I've packaged everything I know about online writing in this no-fluff, crisp video course and e-book

And I've included practical exercises so that anyone can apply the lessons and build a writing-based business.

If you want to build a writing-based business as I have, then this is a no-brainer deal for you.

Just enter your price and get the course!

Table of Contents:

Module 1: Find Your Voice 🗣️

  • Why Write online?
  • How online writing is different from offline writing
  • How to build a writing and publishing habit.
  • How to find your unique writing style.
  • How to never suffer from writer's block

Module 2: Writing Principles 📚

  • Copywriting Principles
  • Storytelling Principles
  • Effective Writing Strategies

Module 3: Writing Tactics ⚒️

  • How to write a great headline.
  • How to write a great blog post
  • How to write a great newsletter.
  • How to write a great landing page
  • How to write well on Twitter
  • Which tools to use for your writing business. (AI and other tools)

Module 4: Monetization 💸

  • 6 monetization channels and pricing strategies.
  • How to build a writing portfolio.
  • How to get gigs (Low paying and high paying🤑)

More Love for the course:

Praise for my writing:

How this course helps you:

This course will help you find your unique writing voice.

And it will teach you how you can leverage your voice to build a distribution engine for your writing-based business.

You will learn fundamental concepts such as Storytelling and Copywriting.

And you will learn the granular tactics for every piece of writing you need to do on the internet. Including:

  • Twitter threads
  • Blog posts
  • Landing Pages
  • And a lot more...

Gift yourself this course to fulfill your dreams of becoming a professional writer, copywriter, and ghostwriter.

My writing skills allowed me to quit my job and start working for myself on my own terms.

And now your writing skills can help you do the same as well.

So if you want to win the online writing game, just enter your price, pick your preferred format and click the "I want this button" now.

Why this course matters

High-quality writers are as rare as diamonds 💎

In 2023, every product, every website, and every business needs top writers to run its content engine.

Yet, 99% of the writing on the internet is fluff. It has no impact, it serves no purpose.

It's written by people churning out content just for the sake of filling web pages.

It means NOTHING!.

This course will help you become a top 1% writer on the internet.

It will help you write for a purpose.

It will help you write for impact.

It will help you spread your ideas to the world in your own unique voice.

And most of all, it will help you make money with your writing.

This is a no-brainer deal.

There's no reason not to buy the course right now and start acting on the modules right away.

Important note (before you buy)

This course is for you if you:

  • Want to become a great online writer.
  • Want to find your unique writing voice.
  • Have the initiative to work hard and put in the effort to learn the craft.

This course is NOT for you if you:

  • Don't want to become a great online writer.
  • Are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme
  • Don't want to work hard and practice.

Support for purchase power parity pricing

If you feel the price of the course is too high, and want a location or income-based discount, feel free to send me a message on Twitter, I would be happy to offer you an appropriate discount.

The course is launched in 2 versions:

  • E-book
  • Video

With both versions, you get a workbook with 29 exercises.

With the video version, you get a presentation with 166 slides.

You will get an invite link to join the community via e-mail as soon as you finish the purchase.

Please DM me on Twitter if you have any questions about the course.



PS: I support purchasing power parity pricing. If you need a location or income-based discount, feel free to send me a message on Twitter, I'd be happy to share a code with you.

PPS: if you're not satisfied with the content, you get your money back. No questions asked.

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Make money with words: Find your voice and monetize your writing ✍️💸

11 ratings
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