The Solo Founder Playbook

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Learn the patterns of indie hacking success in under 13 minutes.

Most startups fail, but all founders succeed(in the long run!)

Building a startup is hard.

90% of them don’t find success, but the lessons that founders learn in the process of starting up are valuable.

These lessons often lead them to start other profitable businesses and do high-impact work.

And most of all, grow and learn at a rapid pace

There are common patterns that keep coming back when we study the success of solo founders and Indie Hackers.

This playbook is a collection of these common patterns, it's not generic business advice

By definition, the term “solo founder” means a single person starting a business. But this playbook can also be applied to small scrappy teams of 2 or 3 founders.

The playbook is divided into 5 steps:

  • Start then Learn 🧑‍🏫
  • Identify and Solve Problems 🔍
  • Iterate and Pivot ↗️
  • Share your Journey 📢
  • Keep Going 💪

And before the steps, it dives deeper into the Constraints and Superpowers that solo founders face.

Every insight is backed by relevant examples from the wild. You can see how real people find real success with their solo startups.

So if you want to build a successful tech startup as a solo founder, make sure you grab the playbook.

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What you get:

18 page PDF E-book full of insights and examples on how solo founders succeed.

(More formats coming soon, price rises with every format!)

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18 page PDF E-book full of insights and examples on how solo founders succeed.

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The Solo Founder Playbook

5 ratings
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