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The Twitter Writing Crash Course

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Write for Twitter so you can make friends, gain followers and go viral in 30 minutes a day

When starting out, it can be hard to get traction on Twitter.

And it can be even more difficult to know what kind of writing will actually work?

Everyone says to get your initial followers you must respond to large accounts in your niche.

Sure, that works, you should do that.

But what about your own content?

Even if you have 100 followers, how do you keep them engaged?

How do you produce high-quality content week in and week out without getting burnt out?

You need a system.

You need a sustainable content creation system. And you need to learn to craft tweets and threads that have the best chance of going viral.

Twitter writing is nothing like any other kind of writing on the internet.

It's a niche skill that requires continuous practice and guidance.

And that is exactly what this crash course provides you.

It's an actionable guide on how to craft engaging tweets and threads.

And as a bonus, you also get 2 exercises that will help you build your own content creation system that you can use every week to produce high-quality content.

Trust me, if you follow the guidelines in this crash course, your followers will love you 💜

No 2 ways about it.

So if you want that, just enter your price, hit the "I want this button" and get started.

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10 Page PDF E-book with actionable strategies to write well for Twitter. Bonus: Examples of great tweets and threads and 2 exercises that will help you build your own Twitter content creation system.

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The Twitter Writing Crash Course

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